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Shenzhen Hi-Power Battery Co., Ltd,  founded in 2010, is a professional and reliable national Hi-tech enterprise of intelligent and clean energy products and solutions.  The Company is located in Shenzhen with factory area over 10000 m² and employees more than 300 people. Hi-Power Battery Company has a strong and professional R & D team with 15+ researchers and a well-equipped laboratory for battery testing.

The company focuses on the energy field and takes batteries as the core. It is one of the well-known export-oriented battery enterprises in China, covering two types of battery systems: Lithium Ion Battery (NMC) and Lithium Ferrous Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4). Hi-Power Battery Company’s smart energy solutions are widely used in telecommunication, UPS, electric vehicles, photovoltaic, wind & solar energy, electric power, electronic and digital equipment and other industries, with businesses in more than 100 countries and regions, providing them with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services.

Our Company’s main product series include:

1. LiFePO4 / Li-Ion cells:

Cylindrical Cells: (18650/26650/26700/32650/21700/32131/32135) ;

Prismatic Cells:( 3.2/3.7V up to 300Ah);

2. LiFePO4 Batteries for Lead Acid Battery Replacement (12.8V 6Ah-400Ah);

3. LiFePO4 Batteries for Telecommunication Data Base ( include battery Packs, Modules and Cabinets);

4. Power Wall Energy Storage System (5KWh/7KWh/10KWh/12Kwh, or customized);

5. All-In-One Energy Storage System with Inverter (4KWh/ 5KWh, or customized);

6. LiFePO4/Li-Ion Batteries for  Various Electric Vehicles;

7. Multifunctional Portable Power Station (1KWH-3KWH);

8. Battery Management System (BMS)/ Battery Bluetooth Technology.

We have always adhered to the concept of innovation and customer-oriented development, environmental protection and green development. We will continuously enhance our innovation ability, outstanding production capacity and increasingly perfect delivery ability to deepen the cooperation of customers all over the world.



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